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I was born in 1987 in Fethiye, Turkey, however I'm from Arvahi, Artvin originally. I have spent about 24 years in Ankara and after I have graduated from Bilkent University Banking and Finance Department, I decided to go to France.

I have completed the Pastry Program in Le Cordon Blue International.

Later on, I had an opportunity to be an intern in Pierre Hermé, known as the Picasso of Pastry. It has been my most pleasant experience ever. That was when I found out how should qualified, hygienic and systematic production be. I admired that they put interns for specified time periods to work in different deparments rather than making them to run errands as in this country.

Then, I realized it was the time to come home and start to settle in Turkey. After I came back, I was frustrated that the sector was not even close to my expectations, however, on the other hand, I was eager to fill that gap and to bring together people with the real qualified production.

My aim was not to produce everything, but to run a boutique business which produces under hygienic conditions without using preservatives, involves different tastes and customers can confidently buy and consume all products. We support "slow food" movement as minon. On the contrary of "fast food" movement, "slow food" supports for consuming the nutritions which prepared with the natural ingredients in a long terms process, giving naturality prominence and the environmental protection. This movement aims all of us to save from this fast life.

My intend was to proceed the production with the cake, because the cake is traditional, fulfilling, healthy and a food that can easily be diversified. Our cake is both traditional and innovative that could be served for your guests, flavors your quick bite for the breakfast, variegates your children's feeding time, even stands for an elegant and delicious gift when you are on your way to somewhere else. I consider the cake as "toy blocks", there are plenty of suitable pieces in it that every cake you create will be unique for you. That is why we have established the "create your own cake" part. With your support and demands I plan to begin to produce salt cake, gluten-free cake and pastry cake.
I hope the delicious Minon will be your favourite taste and the best gift for your loved ones.