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Daily Cake

Ideal for those who look for a different, natural, tasty and elegant presentation
This cake will be formed according to your choices and consists of additive-free sponge cake, cream, chocolate and seasonal fruits we prepare.
Your decor choices may vary according to season.
Each cake is prepared as unique, depending entirely on your choices and our design.
The images reflect the cakes we prepared before and they are just to give an idea.
None of the cakes are exactly made.

Ingredients:Flour, sugar, salt, egg, dairy products, cream, butter, hazelnut oil, chocolate, dried fruits.
Delivery:You can get your cake from our atelier located in Oran or you can ask for a delivery to address which is charged extra according to the distance, at a time determined before.
Cake Delivery and Storage Conditions:– Each cake is packed according to size, in cake boxes with one-side opening and pads thick enough to carry the cake.

-Please carry your cake on a flat and unshakable ground during delivery. (Trunk or front seat floor can be used)

– Cake should preferably be kept in the refrigerator or a cool place and it should never be placed in the freezer.

– For maximum flavor, it is recommended to consume the cakes as soon as possible, because they are decorated with fresh fruit and flowers. As the flowers used for decoration are fresh and delicate, they retain their freshness up to 4 hours and while fruits retain freshness up to 12 hours.

– Although some of the flowers are in appropriate for consumption, the greenery and some flowers used are not suitable to eat but are only suitable for contact with food.


Order date:

We take the orders respectively. Please check our calendar for availability and wait for our confirmation email. Open agenda, then you can choose day and date displayed simultaneously.

Delivery time:

Monday - Saturday / 10:00 to 17:00

-You can get your cake from our atelier located in Oran or you can ask for a delivery to address. If you want to get your cake, the address information will be sent; if you want to deliver your cake to address, delivery fee will be sent to you for confirmation.

- In some special cases, we can work on Sundays. If you want to deliver your cake at a time other than specified delivery days and times, please leave blank this chapter and specify the time you want to deliver your cake in notes section. We will answer you depending on availability.There should be 2 checkboxes and when they are selected, there should be a sub-checkbox. She/he should be able to select a time between 10.00 - 17.00 under "I want to get from atelier” Please write your address and the address description under notes.

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Please inform us on the lucky person for whom the cake is prepared.

Order Detail

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